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A photo of the TerrSat van, in a desert area.

TerrSat: Pioneering Innovation in Satellite and Solar Technology

TerrSat is a distinguished Australian enterprise at the forefront of satellite and solar solutions. As a privately owned business, we specialise in the design, supply, and installation of cutting-edge technologies, including automatic Satellite Dishes for RVs and Caravans, Wind Turbines, Fixed Solar Panels, and Solar Tracking Systems. With over 35 years of experience, TerrSat stands as a beacon of expertise, shaping the industry and exceeding expectations.

Our Legacy

Pioneers in Satellite Antenna Installations

Established in Europe in the late 1980s and now a leading force in Australia, TerrSat has been a trailblazer in Satellite Antenna installations for over three decades. Our extensive experience positions us as one of the most well-credentialed suppliers in the industry. We have evolved with the times, consistently innovating and delivering state-of-the-art solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

A photo of a camper van with two elderly people sitting in front of it.
Commitment to Excellence

Tailor-Made Solutions and Unparalleled Service

At TerrSat, our mission is simple – not just to meet but to exceed the expectations of our clients. We achieve this by offering tailor-made solutions that leverage our technical prowess and vast experience. Our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service ensures that every interaction with TerrSat is a seamless and satisfying experience. We take pride in providing exceptional value for money while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

A photo of a solar panel.

Our Goal

Our aim is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the best possible tailor-made solutions underpinned by the highest level of customer service while still delivering exceptional value for money. Contact us today for a personal consultation.

A headshot of Mile, director of TerrSat.

Mile Sedic

Managing Director

Our Specialties

Automatic Satellite Antennas

TerrSat is your go-to source for importing, supplying, installing, servicing, and repairing automatic satellite antennas tailored for caravans, motorhomes, and campers. Our reliable dishes are optimized for VAST and pay TV services across Australia. Additionally, we proudly install Starlink systems on RVs and caravans, ensuring connectivity to the internet from virtually anywhere.

A mocked up graphic of 2 TerrSat antennas.

Solar Trackers

Harness the full potential of solar energy with TerrSat’s advanced Solar Tracking Systems. While static panels are efficient, our dual-axis solar trackers follow the sun’s path throughout the day, significantly boosting power generation. Choose from our range of 1.5kW and 3kW systems to meet your specific residential requirements.

A photo of a solar panel.

Solar Solutions for RVs and Caravans

TerrSat is not only a leading provider of solar trackers for residential use but also specializes in on-the-move energy solutions. Explore our fixed panel systems designed specifically for caravans and RVs. Let us enhance your energy efficiency while you’re out and about – talk to us today.

A photo of the roof of a caravan, serviced by TerrSat.

Wind Turbines

Embrace the power of wind with TerrSat’s diverse range of turbines, available in voltages ranging from 12V to 48V. Whether you’re on the move in your RV or seeking fixed solutions for residential applications, our turbines efficiently convert wind power into usable energy.

A photo of a wind turbine by TerrSat.

Find out more

Reach out if you’re interested in finding out more about any of our products or would like a quote for an installation or repair.

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177 Amelia Street, Balcatta WA 6021

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