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A photo of a solar panel.

Automatic Satellite Antennas

This high efficiency lightweight 65cm aluminium satellite dish is our most popular. The roof top unit weighs approximately 10kg making the TerrSat Leonardo the lightest on the market.

A photo of a camper van with two elderly people sitting in front of it.

Solar Trackers

Our Solar Trackers use a dual axis automatic solar panel tracking system that enables your solar panels to generate maximum power from the Sun regardless of the time of the day, season or time of year.

A photo of a solar panel.

Wind Turbines

Make the most of wind power by converting to useable energy at no cost. Our roof mounted 12V turbine is suitable for charging RV batteries while our larger 48V turbine is suitable for charging home batteries for energy storage.

A photo of a wind turbine.

Solar Solutions for Caravans & RV’s

As well as residential applications, having solar panels installed on caravans and motor homes is commonplace and for most travellers is now seen as essential.

A photo of a caravan with a TerrSat satellite on top.

We acknowledge the Traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Owners of the land, sea and waters of the Australian continent, and recognise their custodianship of culture and Country for over 60,000 years.