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Automatic Satellite Antennas

A photo of a caravan with a TerrSat satellite on top.

TerrSat Leonardo

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If you own a caravan or RV the TerrSat Leonardo will be one of the most beneficial purchases you can make. Get TV and Radio reception from everywhere when you’re travelling. This highly efficient automatic satellite dish is superior quality and manufactured in Italy. It’s arguably the best product available. This 65cm aluminum satellite dish is our most popular and weighs approximately 10kg also making it the lightest on the market. The TerrSat Leonardo represents exceptional value and is the perfect choice for any caravan, RV, pop top camper or off road truck owner.

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A mocked up graphic of a TerrSat antenna.
  • Twin LNB for VAST and Foxtel reception
  • 100% Australia wide coverage
  • Automatic satellite dish parking once RV starts moving
  • Heavy duty mechanism with all metal gears providing high wind stability
  • Low height of only 18cm when parked
  • Single button operation, just press the power button, and it will find the satellite automatically (usually within 30 seconds). Press the power button again, and it parks the dish
  • Control box uses the latest UHD tuner for satellite search. Only takes approximately 30 -45 seconds to lock onto the satellites
  • Multi-satellite GPS used for satellite elevation and skew pre-setting, shortening the searching time
  • Convenient software upgrade by micro SD card – just contact us, and we will email you the latest software
A mocked up graphic of a TerrSat antenna.



TerrSat Leonardo and TerrSat Leonardo Penta


Roof Unit 10 Kg

Dish Size


Dish Shape

Standard oval or our unique Penta


Australia wide


Twin LNB for VAST and Foxtel reception

Height when parked


Wind Stability





3 Years


Automatic parking once the RV starts moving


Automatic power control of VAST and Foxtel boxes


UHD tuner used for satellite search


GPS controlled LNB skew, elevation pre-set and automatic parking

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Installation and Service

As well as installing and servicing our own Satelite Dishes and equipment either at your location or ours TerrSat also supports a comprehensive range of other brands. These include AutoSat, Oyster Vision, SatKing Promax, Satking Orbit, Sphere and Vansat. Talk to us today for all you service or repair requirements.

A photo of the TerrSat van, next to a camper van.

AutoSat 2S

A mock up of a TerrSat antenna.

Oyster Vision

A mock up of a TerrSat antenna.

SatKing Promax

A mock up of a TerrSat antenna.

SatKing Orbit

A mock up of a TerrSat antenna.


A mock up of a TerrSat antenna.


A mock up of a TerrSat antenna.

Starlink Installation

Starlink provides an internet roaming service allowing you to stay connected from just about anywhere. TerrSat is highly experienced in installing Starlink systems to you RV or caravan and will deliver the solution best suited to your needs.

A photo of a Starlink installation on a camper van.

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