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Welcome to TerrSat Australia

TerrSat Australia is a company where you can enquire about Digital TV Antennas, Satellite Dish Antennas, Two Way Radios and electronics repairs. Read more detail...


Digital TV Antenna Installation

Log Periodic AntennaWe install latest Digital TV Antennas in Perth area as well as surrounding towns for domestic and commercial use specializing in providing an excellent reception even in poor reception areas.
On 16 April 2013 Perth will switch off analogue TV signals and will be available in digital only.
Setting up an indoor antenna is not a real "Digital switchover" solution.
The Log Periodic antenna is the most popular digital antenna installed these days (photo left).


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Satellite Dish Antenna Installation

For over 26 years TerrSat Australia has been installing Satellite Dish Antennas in Perth and other parts of Western Australia as well as Europe, ranging in sizes from 65cm to 3.7m and even bigger.
We install Satellite Dish Antenna Systems for reception of local and overseas free to air and Pay TV channels. There is a variety of channels coming from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world in digital format providing crystal clear picture and CD quality sound.
Some of those Pay TV packages are: TV Plus, MySat (World Media International), EURO World Network and others.
If you were UBI World customer and want to continue receiving those channels, please contact us. At the moment we can provide channels from Greece, Turkey, Latin America, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Monte Negro.
We are able provide reception of some of those channels through the satellite dish, or through the internet TV (IPTV).
Whether you are interested in a small 65cm dish system, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.3m, or 3m fixed or motorized dish systems, we guarantee high quality installation and excellent results.
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