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Solar Solutions for Caravans & RV’s

A photo of a caravan with a TerrSat satellite on top.

Fixed Solar Panels for Caravans and RV’s

As well as residential applications, having solar panels installed on caravans and motor homes is commonplace and for most travellers is now seen as essential.

A photo of the roof of a caravan, serviced by TerrSat.

A correctly designed and installed system will ensure that the solar panels will keep batteries fully charged as well as provide you with enough power to satisfy all your needs when out and about.

TerrSat can supply and install a complete solar panel systems designed specifically to suit your needs and situation. Our systems are complete with all the cabling and solar panel regulators, in fact everything required. We offer a wide range of solar panels including rigid glass and semi flexible. The panel type and size is selected to meet the power requirement and best fit the space that you have on the roof of your caravan or motor home.

If you have an existing solar system installed and are experiencing any issues we can also provide a full diagnosis to identify any problems. This includes testing to ensure the system is working properly and generating adequate power. We will be able to provide recommendations relating to repair or upgrade of any faulty or unserviceable items.

As experts in solar panels ‘on the go’ we can provide sound advice on all your solar power requirements including fixed solar panel installations as well as our automatic solar panel trackers which provide even more efficiency by automatically following the sun throughout the day.

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